How To Write An Awesome Press Release For Your Online Course

Here Are Some General Headline Rules for Online Course Press Releases:

  • Keep your main headline brief — 9 words or less is best.
  • Try to trigger a question from your readers. This ensures that they will actually read the rest of your Press Release.
  • Clearly restate your main message in the subheading.
  • Make sure to use a word that makes the headline feel newsworthy.

The press release headline above uses only 8 words. This is perfect. It’s brief and the message is clear. The word “new” signals that this is news. It has all the elements of a great heading.

3: The Date Should Be Pretty Self Explanatory

You will include the current date, when submitting online. But, for email submission to individual journalists and news outlets, make sure to include the words, “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE,” at the top of your text to make it clear that the news is urgent, and ready for publication.

4: This is Where the Location of Your News Should Be

At the beginning of your body text, include your business location. City and state are required for US and regional releases. Include your country as well when submitting international news.

5: Include your Logo in Every Release

This is an important part of Press Release submission as it serves two purposes: branding and notability. Readers will be journalists and news publications that want to know that you are a trusted source for the online course you’re promoting, and the logo will help them remember you next time.

6: This is What to Disclose About Your Company

You want to disclose as much as possible when disclosing company details, and this can include everything from the size of your business to whom the owner of the company is. As much as you can submit should should be submitted, as you want to be transparent and easy to find. Those interested in publishing your news will likely want to know more, so make their job easier by sharing company details right inside your release.

7: How to Write a Summary for Optimal Engagement

The purpose of your Press Release summary is to outline your news for easy reading. This is where a reader will look after they see the headline, and it should let people know whether they want to read the entire release or not. If you can, say it in 1-2 sentences.

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