How To Write An Awesome Press Release For Your Online Course

How to write a press release for your online courseHow to write a press release for your online course

8: Who, What, When, Where, How, and Who Cares?

These are the questions you should be asking as you outline the body text of your press release:

  • Who is releasing this course?
  • What topics does the course cover?
  • When will learners be able to take advantage of it?
  • Where is this company located, and which locations will it serve?
  • How can the course be accessed?
  • Finally, who will benefit from taking this course?

9: Include a Quote That Explains the Value of Your Course

The quote for your Press Release should be from someone inside the course creation[4] circle. A leader in your company who knows all of the ins and outs should be able to say something that expresses the value being offered, and gets learners excited. Your exact words will be used in articles written, so they should speak to your target audience.

10: The About Section is Reserved for the Company, Not the Course

You will use the About section of your press release to talk about your company a bit more. When were you founded? What assets make you a leader in the industry? Answering these questions will give valuable insight to readers as they ponder how to spin your news.

11: Include Media Contact Information

Sometimes the contact information you supply for journalists to contact will be the CEO of the company, already included in the earlier portion of your press release, but larger companies will usually have a PR or marketing representative that journalists can reach out to with questions. Whoever you want the press to speak to, this is whose information should be included in this section.

12: Finally, Leverage Links and Social Media Assets Wisely

One link that is nearly always included in a press release is the company’s main website. Landing pages can also be included. An online Press Release will give you the bonus of a backlink, as well as a place where readers of this release and the articled born from it can go to learn more.

Business Wire[5] is one of the contemporary Press Release submission sites that allows the use of social media assets as well as plain website links. It is likely that many others will begin to follow suit. So, when you’re including social media assets, you may need more than just your Twitter profile URL.

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