How To Write An Awesome Press Release For Your Online Course

Here’s a breakdown of a Tweet included in Yardi’s Press Release:

How to write a press release for your online courseHow to write a press release for your online courseNot only is this the right length; it is the perfect Tweet all around. Here’s why:

  • It is comprehensive.
  • It is relevant.
  • It makes good use of #hashtags.
  • It links back to the @Yardi[6] profile on Twitter.
  • It is less than 140 characters.
  • There is room for a link to be included.

Each of these points is crucial to an effective tweet. Your tweet may or may not get traffic to your press release or website, which is why you need to fully optimize it for the highest chance of success. Make sure that any tweets you include in your press release contain all of the above characteristics.

Online Tools to Use When Creating Your Press Release

You can write all of this stuff on your own using the guidelines presented above, but online tools can make it that much easier. Try these out, then use the ones you like to help you create your next press release.

  1. Portently’s Headline Generator[7] – Your headline is the most important component of your entire press release, and if you don’t ace this, your release will flop. Use the Headline Generator to come up with witty ideas, then modify them to be relevant.
  2. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer[8] – This is a free tool for analyzing your headlines to ensure that are viral-ready. It is actually set up for blog posts, but the grader is very useful for all types of headlines, and will work well for press releases.
  3. Title Capitalization[9] – If you’re like me, you can’t always remember whether your should capitalize certain words in a title or headline. When you have this problem, check out this free Title Capitalization tool.
  4. Instant Press Release[10] – Here, you can sign up for limited use of a tool that will help you generate a perfectly formated press release. All you need to do it enter the information, and the press release will be automatically done for you.
  5. Hashtagify[11] – Whether you decide to submit your release on Business Wire, or somewhere else, you will probably want to Tweet about it anyway. Use Hashtagify to find out what the best #niche tags might be.
  6. Social Mention[12] – To see who’s interacting with your news and tweets, check out this real-time social media search and analysis tool.

Distributing your Press Release to major news sites

Once you’ve created a Press Release (one that includes the 12 elements outline above!) for your online course, the next step is to distribute your Press Release to journalists and news sites. A popular service that will do this for you is PR Web[13]. In exchange for a fee, they will distribute your Press Release to every major news site and search engine on the web, and make sure it gets in front of relevant consumers and journalists.

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